Daily Weather Data for BRAZIL : Historical Weather Data : 10 years of Data

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AWIS Weather Services has produced a BRAND NEW dataset for the country of BRAZIL. We now offer 10 years of daily historical data for any city in and around the country of BRAZIL.

Make the purchase and simply email us with the city you'd like data for. 

Data is the most previous complete 10 years. Max Temp, Min Temp, and Total Precipitation will be available for all days, while other variables could be missing at random points through the period. 

Variables include

MAX Temperature

MIN Temperature

TOTAL Precipitation

TOTAL Evapotranspiration

TOTAL Potential Evapotranspiration

Average Wind Speed

Average Cloud Cover

MAX Relative Humidity

MIN Relative Humidity

TOTAL Hours of Sunshine

TOTAL Solar Radiation


AWIS only offers 100% quality checked weather data.

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