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Agricultural Weather Forecast Package for Strawberry Growers

Agricultural Weather Forecast Package for Strawberry Growers

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AWIS Weather Services offers a BRAND NEW Ag Forecast Service uniquely geared towards Strawberry Growers across the US. With this one time purchase, you receive 12 months of specialized Ag Forecast Services for your strawberry growing business. This service is most useful from transplant to harvest, but has year-round benefits.

For the past few years, AWIS meteorologists have worked with consulting expert and Strawberry Doc Barclay Poling and his team at Flavor First to develop forecast services that strawberry growers throughout the country should use to their benefit. That relationship continues today and will provide unparalleled expertise in strawberry growing weather forecast services far into the future.


Here is what is currently provided as part of our Ag Weather Package for Strawberry Growers:

1. Localized daily degree day tables, both observed and forecast to assist in monitoring of current and anticipated growth stages. 

2. Localized cold protection information including anticipated temperature and duration at various critical threshold ranges. Hourly forecast parameters are included for winds, dew, wetbulb temperatures, clouds, and precipitation to help determine cold protection needs. 

3. Localized daily agricultural weather forecast covering 1-15 days out. Hours of sunshine expected, solar radiation totals, Evaporation, GDD units, Rain Amounts, Wind information, and other critical parameters can be included.

4. Localized weekly weather discussion from an experienced Ag Meteorologist during growing season, with more frequent updates applied during critical weather events. This forecast discussion is personalized to your local growing area and is based on past experiences from that area. (We listen to your feedback.)

5. Year-round members access to AWIS Weather Service's high-end Ag based weather website (a $500 value) that is updated daily with thousands of graphics and services including forecast tables for all 50 states. 

6. Unique and Scientifically proven Soil Temperature Estimates for your area. 


Within minutes of you making the purchase, one of our meteorologists will be in direct contact with you to begin the setup process. 

As part of this service, you will receive an email each day with the updated weather observation and forecast services mentioned above. Images of that email and some of its contents are included to your left.  

One very unique attribute to this service is the potential it has for growth during your service year. AWIS continues to develop and provide new services and concepts as we communicate with growers and get their feedback as to what they need in their day to day operations. This service is meant to be an all inclusive suite of offerings to meet all the needs of those strawberry growers that are looking for a bit more protection and new ways to limit risks. At the end of the day, we're hoping to make a growers' life a little less stressful, while making their business a little more profitable. 


We recently added a graph for your location showing hourly wind, temperature, and sky cover, over the next 2 days. Updated each morning. Delivered directly to your inbox!


***NEWLY ADDED - OCT 10, 2023***

Now Available - Historical Growing Degree Day Information for the same local area for the past 10 years, for the same time period intervals listed for the current season. This can be of great comparison value and provide another aid for daily and future management decisions.


***NEWLY ADDED - DEC 1, 2023***

 Now Available - AWIS just added a 15 day forecast graph for client requested locations. (You get to tell us where you need this graph created for.) The Forecast Graph shows 15 day expectations for Max Temperature, Min Temperature, and Average Temperature.


If you have questions about this service, or any other listed, please contact us.



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