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AWIS Field Management Services | Nitrogen Usage Weather Forecasting

AWIS Field Management Services | Nitrogen Usage Weather Forecasting

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AWIS Field Management Services - $300 PER FIELD

AWIS has partnered with Nitrogen Pulse to provide a unique and proprietary field management system that provides critical weather information to farmers all over the country, throughout the growing season. We ingest data about your fields and provide real-time weather data for real-time crop development status and critical growth points, as well as real-time nitrogen loss recognition.

We also deliver 15 day soil temperature forecasts and other field specific information directly to the grower via email.

You can launch a Field Management subscription today. 

Questions? Call Scot at 815.762.4374 or reach out via email at 


Next Steps

Choose how many fields you would like to subscribe for and make the purchase here. Within a few days, our team of meteorologists will reach out to you via email to obtain field information and begin the setup process. 


*There is a $15 processing charge included in the purchase.

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