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AWIS Weather Services Member Access - 2 months

AWIS Weather Services Member Access - 2 months

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50,000+ Daily Generated Weather Products | Tropical Section for Hurricane Preparation | Agriculuture Weather Services | Frost Freeze Risk Analysis | 10-Day Detailed Hourly Forecast by City | Access to a Team of Meteorologists | Season Summaries and Outlooks


AWIS Weather Services Member Access

 We offer a Members Only section of our website for users to access the same weather products we use on a daily basis to make forecast decisions for clients all over the world. 

This section of our website is meant to be a one-stop location for anyone that might be in need of weather data or weather forecast tools to make life changing decisions.

Current AWIS clients include those farmers trying to maneuver through an approaching frost/freeze event, municipalities preparing for an upcoming festival, event planners trying to prepare for an upcoming celebration, and logistics companies that have trucks all over the country that need to be prepared for impending dangerous weather.

Daily Generated Weather Products: Our graphics are backed by 100% quality controlled weather data and over 25 years of weather forecasting services. Multiple times each day our scripts run through our extensive databases and produce some of the most scientific graphics available to users today. Graphics range from Historical Data to Forecast Variables a few weeks out and cover every state in the country. Regional and Nationwide graphics are also available.

All 50 States: Our graphics and forecast services inside this member access section of our site cover all 50 US States. Each state has it's own page full of forecast graphics and tabular output showing quality checked weather observations and totals.

Historical Data & Current Conditions: What has happened and what is happening right now is one of the most important forecast input variables you can have. Members get access to thousands of graphics and text data showing historical data and current weather conditions down to the city level.

Watching the Tropics: Each time a storm nears the US, our Tropics section lights up with graphics, forecasts, and risk analysis tools for users to make big decisions concerning their business, crops, employees, and families.

Ag Weather Services: Staying true to our roots, AWIS continues to offer Ag Weather Variables that no one else takes the time to concentrate on. Each state has a section for Animal Management, Field Crops, Fruit/Nut Crops, Irrigation Management, Nursery Crops, and Vegetable Crops, which include Growing Degree Days tables and maps. If you are in the Ag Industry, this is the place for you to come for any and all weather data and forecast needs.

Seasonal Summaries and Outlooks: We say that any forecast put past 10 days is mostly VooDoo, but honestly, seasonal outlooks are doable. An above normal or below normal expectations can be established and we have graphics showing this for each state. Summaries of what happened last season are also useful in Departure From Normal information and showing what the annual total might yield.

We are Meteorologists first: AWIS is composed of an ownership group and a few employees. All are degreed meteorologists with experience in both forecasting and weather data management. Our Ag Meteorologist has over 40 years experience and will not be outdone. This member access option gives you access to our team of meteorologists who work 7 days a week to assure our system stays up and running for our clients.

Radar and Satellite: We are constantly updating our radar and satellite graphics giving you the most up to date look into what is currently going on in your location.

10-Day Hourly Forecast: You can access an hourly forecast for every major city in the US, as well as a ton of minor cities. Yes, HOURLY forecast, 10 days out. We are continuously adjusting scripts to accommodate for local effects on forecast variables to make sure our hourly forecasts are the best available. The Members Access section of our site gives you access to all of them.

Frost/Freeze Analysis: AWIS prides itself in helping the Ag Community protect their investments, feed the country, keep their families going. Our first step is to offer an affordable, unique, and detailed Frost Freeze Forecast option for users. Member Access gives you this with a whole Frost Freeze Access section of our site dedicated to local frost freeze risk assessments. This option allows users to investigate the approaching weather on their own time, at their convenience. If you need more specific information on your field, contact us, and we'll talk about the Frost Freeze Alert Service we offer as well.


For many years we have used these same weather data and forecast graphics and tools to help thousands of companies save millions of dollars each year by simply being prepared for what is coming. Now you too can have access and make your own risk analysis and money saving decisions on your own time, as you deem necessary. 

Have something you'd like to see added to the website? Reach out to us.

*The MEMBER ACCESS Product is meant to be used by 1 household, with 1 user account. Group discounts are available for COOPs, business management groups, and family farms that extend beyond 4 walls.*




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