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Agriculture Weather Forecast Discussion Email Service

Agriculture Weather Forecast Discussion Email Service

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AWIS Weather Services offers a unique to your location Agricultural Weather Forecast product for the next year.

This product is delivered daily via email for the following year and provides weather forecast information specifically generated for you, your ag product, and your specific needs. This service is customized to provide you with the information you need to prepare for an upcoming cold event, drought, severe weather, flood, and anything else mother nature is about to throw at you. After discussing your specific needs, we build a tailored set of forecast services for your unique situation.

Images shown are examples of what the daily email will contain. Forecast Services can be adjusted to fit your needs, while variables you don't need or want can be removed. 

Items in the daily email include: 

A detailed, updated weekly, Regional Ag Forecast Discussion generated by our Ag Meteorologist - Specific interpretive statements of anticipated weather ahead for the area. Updated weekly, but more frequently during critical weather events.

15 Day Ag Forecast in .csv format - 15 day specific daily agricultural weather forecast for your growing area. Updated daily.

2 Week Forecast including Soil Temperatures - 2 week forecasts, in 5 day forecast increments, including the previous 2 weeks to show trends. 4 inch mean soil temperature included. Updated daily.

Hourly Forecast Parameters for 5 days - 5 day forecast for hourly temperatures and other pertinent weather parameters. Critical for cold protection, chemical applications, and other daily operations. Updated daily.

Regional 7 Day Temperature and Probability of Precipitation Forecasts - 7 day temperature and precipitation forecast for your local area. Emphasis on minimum temperatures, especially during the winter season. Updated daily.

Regional 7 Day Temperature Duration Forecasts - During winter months, this service includes information regarding heat threshold temperatures pertinent to your product. During the winter, this service includes information regarding cold temperature thresholds for your product. This service is critical for stress and protection for both crops and livestock. Updated daily.


AWIS has the most comprehensive weather information available anywhere for agriculture. Most "ag weather" information from other providers is not really for agriculture but is re-packaged weather for the general public. You need ag-specific information and AWIS has it. We can help you make better decisions and reduce costs.

Our on staff senior Ag meteorologist brings decades of experience both in the field and behind the scenes. AWIS is the premiere frost freeze forecast service in the country and we can prove it. Give us a chance to reduce your costs.


For more information, visit our Ag Weather Page 

Only need it for 6 months? Contact a Meteorologist and we can make it work.


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